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DeskFone XLUse your XL phone with a thick case hands-free

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DeskFone XL is the phone stand that holds extra-large phones with thick cases effortlessly. Just like the original DeskFone, it features a unique tripod base, anti-skid feet, adjustable tilt and an open-access design for charging — made for wider mobile devices. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8ADF7XL
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DeskFone XL

DeskFone XL easily fits your extra-large phone with a thick protective case, meaning you can view and use it hands-free while you FaceTime, watch videos, or check for notifications!

Just like the original DeskFone, it features a unique tripod base with anti-skid feet for no-slip stability. Plus, the tilt is fully adjustable so you can angle your phone to your viewing preference. Also, its open-access design means that you can charge your phone while it’s mounted.

This phone mount keeps your XL phone visible and accessible on your desk, table, counter or any smooth, flat surface. DeskFone XL allows for easy removal and replacement of your extra-large mobile device with a thick protective case, meaning no more struggling to make your phone fit in the average holder.

DeskFone XL Highlights:

  • Allows for hands-free use of your XL mobile device
  • Exact Width: 2.86" (7.26 cm) to 4.11" (10.43 cm) (about 2-7/8" (7.30 cm) to 4-1/8" (10.47 cm), Exact Depth: 0.67" (1.70 cm) (about 5/8" (.625 cm))
  • Features tripod base, anti-skid feet, adjustable tilt and open-access design
  • 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
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