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CupFone DuoShare convenience with your copilot

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Now you, and whoever is riding by your side, can enjoy the advantages of CupFone. With two phone holders, CupFone Duo, allows both driver and passenger to easily enjoy their phone’s hands-free features. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8ACF11D
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CupFone Duo

Designed using the same interchangeable base cups as the CupFone, CupFone Duo allows for a perfectly snug fit in almost any vehicle, even with an extra phone holder. Boats, golf carts, RV’s, or any vehicle with cupholders are perfect for convenience CupFone Duo offers.

An open access bottom lets you easily charge both phones in place, so no one has to worry about their phone’s charge, unless only one of you has a charger. You can also change your CupFone Duo’s plastic knobs with 11 different colors of aluminum billet knobs.

CupFone Duo Highlights:

  • All the advantages of CupFone with two holders
  • Can be easily used in almost any vehicle
  • Allows for easy dual hands-free phone usage
  • Comes with StickySleeve for a tight and secure fit in any cupholder
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