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CarCoastersRemovable coasters that fit your vehicle’s cup holders

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All vehicles have cup holders, but does yours have soft rubber-like removable coasters in the bottom of them to catch drips, condensation or general muck? Some vehicles do, most do not, until now! Ordinary cup holders are difficult to clean, and seem to catch all kinds of crumbs and other debris, making them disgusting. Thankfully, WeatherTech has you covered with our Car Coasters! These coasters catch and hold messes others can’t, allowing you to lift them out with ease when it's time to clean. Read More

Part Number: 8A3CCST
Please Note:
Includes four (4) coasters per pack
Two (2) measure 3 7/16" in diameter with 5/8" high sidewalls
Two (2) measure 3 1/8" in diameter with 5/8" high sidewalls
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