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ToolTrayKeep your projects on track and organized

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Here’s the situation: you’ve replaced a leaky valve cover gasket, and now you’re ready to tighten the bolts. One problem: you don’t have the torque wrench, and you have no idea where you put it. If only you had an assistant to keep your tools and parts organized and within reach! Now, there’s ToolTray - the ultimate American-made wingman that keeps everything at your fingertips, so you can keep your project moving. ToolTray comes as a two-pack, so you can double your organization efforts! Read More Product Information

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Designed to keep your tools and parts organized and within reach, ToolTray is the perfect companion for all your vehicle and DIY projects. No more wasting time awkwardly stretching for oddly placed items, or fumbling around with weak, overly flexible trays that collapse when you pick them up.

Made from the same durable material as our bestselling FloorLiner HP, ToolTray will bend, but not buckle, no matter where you place it. And when you do need to move it, convenient hand grips make it easy and spill-free. ToolTray can be safely laid on painted surfaces protecting them from tool and hardware contact.

Unlike other comparable products on the market, ToolTray features a built-in phone holder that allows you to watch instructional and DIY videos in portrait or landscape mode, without the need to awkwardly place your phone in precarious positions. It also keeps your phone raised to avoid any liquid spills or splashes.

Thoughtfully-designed notches allow you to easily place and access tools, pencils, craft knives and more. Three precisely-sectioned compartments keep smaller parts contained and organized, with an additional ribbing pattern that helps prevent parts from rolling away – no more sockets rolling down fenders or endlessly searching for stray nuts and bolts!

Competitive silicone products attract lint and debris, but ToolTray’s textured surface helps resist dust and particle buildup. Similar products also feature 90-degree edges and corners that make cleaning almost impossible. ToolTray features curved inside corners and edges so clean-up – and even picking up tiny screws – is effortless.

ToolTray includes a hanger tab for pegboard placement that can be easily trimmed off if not used. There’s also a 10" (25.4 cm) ruler for quick and easy double-checking of bolt lengths and other measurements while you’re in the midst of a project.

This cutting-edge tool organizer is available in a bold red color that stands out, making spotting those small pieces of hardware trouble-free. ToolTray’s scratch-and-UV-resistant material also allows for outdoor use, without the risk of leaking chemicals or color loss due to sun exposure.

ToolTray's innovative design makes it the perfect choice for mechanics, DIYers and crafters. No matter the project, ToolTray keeps everything you need at your fingertips so you can focus on the task at hand and stay in your groove.

Work smarter, not harder, with ToolTray.

ToolTray Highlights:

  • ToolTray comes in a pack of two
  • Sectioned compartments and a ribbing pattern keep smaller nuts and bolts in place
  • Easy access hand grips on either side make moving ToolTray effortless
  • Built-in phone holder lets you watch tutorials while you work
  • Curved edges and corners make clean-up simple
  • Available in bold Red
  • Proudly made in the USA
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