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TechFloor - Flooring for Home and Business

TechFloor Custom Flooring Solution

TechFloor is a fully customizable flooring solution great for residential and commercial spaces. Using our revolutionary manufacturing process, we were able to create a simple interlocking modular floor tile system that features two distinct materials molded into a single tile. The result is a completely customizable floor that fits anywhere - from showroom floors to playrooms and everything in between. TechFloor is offered in two styles - Premium Tiles with TractionSquares and Solid Tiles with Raised Squares. Each tile is available in seven colors.

TechFloor is available in two style options:

Premium with TractionSquares

Made of an extremely rugged and low profile durable plastic tile with attractive raised TractionSquares for wet or dry non-slip use. Also features a soft touch underside that offers incredible grip to virtually any floor.

Solid with Raised Squares

A strong, solid polypropylene tile that features raised squares for traction and style. Solid with Raised Squares tiles are rugged and strong with a structured core underside.

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Step 1: Select your Tile

Premium with TractionSquares

$6.00 / Per Sq. Ft.

Available in 12" x 12" and 3" x 12" tile sizes only

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  • Motorcycle wheel sitting on WeatherTech TechFloor. BY WEATHERTECH
  • Woman folding laundry. BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Premium with TractionSquares. BY WEATHERTECH
  • Motorcycle parked on WeatherTech TechFloor. BY WEATHERTECH
  • gym floor with tractionsquares BY WEATHERTECH

Solid with Raised Squares

$5.50 / Per Sq. Ft.

Available in 12" x 12" tile size only

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  • TechFloor installed in a Weight Room. BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor installed in a training room. BY WEATHERTECH
  • Close up of TechFloor installed in a Weight Room. BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Solid with Raised Squares. BY WEATHERTECH
  • Garage floor with raised squares BY WEATHERTECH

Click any of the tiles above to browse available acceessories

Step 2: Select your Tile Options


2000 ALL UNIVERSAL TechFloor

WeatherTech TechFloor Home Garage

Name: Bradley Fresh
How cool is this! Install about 8 hours. Great floor to work on the cars. Cleaned up easy after a Chicago snow/salt winter. Thanks, Brad
2000 ALL UNIVERSAL TechFloor

Looks great and easy install

Name: Paul M
I was looking for the right floor for my new home and Tech Floor just fit the job perfectly. The design team at the Factory Store was helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me work out the design, material pricing and delivery. I put the floor down with my wife in less than 4 hours. It took a tape measure, rubber mallet and circular saw to trim a few tiles. My friends say it looks like a custom auto shop. I still put down some protection when dirty jobs are going on in the space just to protect my investment. Cleans up with soap and water, the Weathertech cleaner takes care of stubborn stains when necessary. I love the floor and the customer service is the best. Thanks Weathertech.
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