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TechFloor Custom Flooring Solution

TechFloor is a fully customizable flooring solution great for residential and commercial spaces. Using our revolutionary manufacturing process, we were able to create a simple interlocking modular floor tile system that features two distinct materials molded into a single tile. The result is a completely customizable floor that fits anywhere - from showroom floors to playrooms and everything in between. TechFloor is offered in two styles - Premium Tiles with TractionSquares and Solid Tiles with Raised Squares. Each tile is available in seven colors.

TechFloor is available in two style options:

Premium with TractionSquares

Made of an extremely rugged and low profile durable plastic tile with attractive raised TractionSquares for wet or dry non-slip use. Also features a soft touch underside that offers incredible grip to virtually any floor.

Solid with Raised Squares

A strong, solid polypropylene tile that features raised squares for traction and style. Solid with Raised Squares tiles are rugged and strong with a structured core underside.

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Premium with TractionSquares

$6.00 / Per Sq. Ft.

Available in 12" x 12" and 3" x 12" tile sizes only

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  • TechFloor Motorcycle Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Motorcycle Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Utility Room Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Laundry Room Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Laundry Room Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Premium with TractionSquares BY WEATHERTECH
  • Techfloor_motorcycle BY WEATHERTECH

  • White with Black Select Tile

  • Black with Black Select Tile

  • Blue with Black Select Tile

  • Dark Grey with Black Select Tile

  • Grey with Black Select Tile

  • Red with Black Select Tile

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Solid with Raised Squares

$5.50 / Per Sq. Ft.

Available in 12" x 12" tile size only

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  • TechFloor Weight Room Floor BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Training Room Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Studio Flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Weight Room Floor BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor home flooring BY WEATHERTECH
  • TechFloor Solid with Raised Squares BY WEATHERTECH

  • Black with Black Select Tile

  • Blue with Blue Select Tile

  • Dark Grey with Dark Grey Select Tile

  • Grey with Grey Select Tile

  • Red with Red Select Tile

  • White with White Select Tile

  • Tan with Tan Select Tile

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2000 ALL UNIVERSAL TechFloor
Looks great and easy install
Name: Paul M
I was looking for the right floor for my new home and Tech Floor just fit the job perfectly. The design team at the Factory Store was helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me work out the design, material pricing and delivery. I put the floor down with my wife in less than 4 hours. It took a tape measure, rubber mallet and circular saw to trim a few tiles. My friends say it looks like a custom auto shop. I still put down some protection when dirty jobs are going on in the space just to protect my investment. Cleans up with soap and water, the Weathertech cleaner takes care of stubborn stains when necessary. I love the floor and the customer service is the best. Thanks Weathertech.
2000 ALL UNIVERSAL TechFloor
User friendly product
Name: Paul Roy
After a lot of research on what to do for my garage floor we decided to go with the TechFloor. The Representative(Melissa Grady) from TechFloor helped us through the process and floor plan with a list of exactly what we needed so there was no waste. The floor was amazingly easy to put down and we really had fun doing it. I would recommend this TechFloor to anyone looking to really spruce a floor.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

WeatherTech Canada warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. Depending on the circumstance, we will either replace your product at no charge, charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, or issue a full or prorated refund. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue.


How do I determine the amount of tiles to order?
Measure the length and the width of the surface you are looking to cover with TechFloor. Multiply the length by the width in order to determine the approximate number of square feet required to cover the surface. This will be the approximate number of tiles to order. Be sure to calculate and subtract any edging or other type of border treatment from the final calculation.
How hard is this product to install?
With our simple Loop and Tab latching system, TechFloor is easy to assemble and install. Simply lay the tab over the loop and apply pressure. We recommend using a small rubber mallet.
Can I turn the vehicle as I drive on the tiles?
This flooring is recommended for installation in an environment where the vehicle is only required to drive-off or drive-on in a straight direction. This floor is not recommended for installation in areas where vehicle(s) are required to turn, particularly where a hard turn is required.
Can I use TechFloor in a garage where I work on cars?
Yes, working on this floor can be done, and light vehicle maintenance is not a problem. Please note that this floor has limitations and is not recommended for use with a vehicle utilizing extremely wide tires, as any slight turns made will cause dragging of the floor. This floor is also not recommended for use with vehicles utilizing a Limited Slip or Locked Differential, as any slight turns made will cause the tires to drag across the floor.
Can I use TechFloor with a car lift?
Yes, this tile can be used with ramp style lifts. Flooring must go around the lift where it attaches to the floor. It is not recommended to be used with lifts where the tires come in contact with the floor, as raising and lowering the vehicle will cause the tires to drag across the floor during the normal camber movement of the suspension.
How hard are the tiles to clean?
Simple household floor cleaners work well.
Will the tiles resist chemicals and gasoline?
Yes, TechFloor resists most household and automotive based chemicals. We recommend cleaning immediately after spill occurs. Any gasoline should be cleaned immediately. Gasoline and Kerosene will damage TechFloor with prolonged exposure.
Can I replace a tile if they get damaged?
Yes, and depending on the location, several methods can be used. Near an edge - we recommend dismantling from the edge. Simply pull up the tab edge of the tile from the loop, and they will unlock. In the middle of the floor - we recommend cutting the tile out. Cut a hole in the center of the tile using a utility knife, and use the same pulling force to unlock the tab from the loops.
Can I use TechFloor with a radiant heated floor?
We do not recommend TechFloor for radiant heated floors due to several factors. Most importantly the temperature variances can result in uneven expansion and contraction which could buckle or damage the TechFloor.