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Soaker Testimonials

Useful :: SOAKER

Name: Kevin
Vehicle: 2010 Toyota Matrix

I use my SOAKER for the car during the warm months, to dry it off quickly; no more annoying water marks! - I also use it after each shower for the same reason. Simply wipe down glass doors and tile to avoid calcium/water stains. Soaks up a lot of water. No need to ring out after an entire pass. Super absorbent and Super helpful!

Soaker is Amazing

Name: Ron Faldik
Vehicle: 2014 Ford Edge

Does what used to take me 5 towels to do without even ringing it out. Leaves no spots and absorbs water beyond belief. Rinse with water and ring out when finished with vehicle and place back in case and it's good to go with the next vehicle washing. Way to Go Weathertech