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Ready-to-Wash Bucket System

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The all-in-one Ready-to-Wash Bucket System includes the essential tools that assist in providing your vehicle with the professional shine it deserves. The system includes a bucket, Roll & Wash dolly, a vented lid seat, an insert to prevent debris from making its way to vehicle surfaces and a wash mitt holder. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8ARTW1
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Ready-to-Wash Bucket System

With the all-in-one Ready-to-Wash System, you�ll get the professional results you and your vehicle deserve. Through its heavy-duty configuration, the Ready-to-Wash System�s rugged and durable design accommodates detailers of all levels. The bucket sits on a dolly equipped with fasteners for stability and five easy roll casters for effortless mobility. To prevent unwanted rolling, two of the casters are equipped with locking systems. The wash system also features a flexible, vented lid seat that helps support those unfavorable postures while detailing lower, tougher to reach areas on a vehicle.

Adding to the list of features, the Wash Bucket also incorporates a removable GritGrate insert, which provides a barrier that prevents rocks and other surface-damaging sediments from attaching to mitts, sponges and pads while in the bucket. For ease of removal, the GritGrate includes two finger holes that help detach the insert from the bucket system.

With your purchase, you�ll also receive the MittSaver wash mitt holder that easily connects to the side of the bucket.

Ready-to-Wash Bucket System Features:

Heavy Duty 5 gallon bucket
Rugged 90 mil (.09") thick plastic bucket

Wash mitt holder that fastens to the edge of the bucket to secure the Wash Mitt or other towels and applicators when not in use.

Removable insert that allows dirt, stones and other debris to drop to the bottom of the bucket for a cleaner washing process. The insert also help prevent harmful contaminants from attaching to cleaning towels, ultimately making their way to painted surfaces. GritGrate can be used with wash mitts, rags or brushes. For easy removal, the insert includes two finger holes that assist in lifting out the insert.

Vented lid seat
Securely rests on the top rim of the bucket and is designed to flex with pressure, allowing for a comfortable resting spot while washing wheels, lower body etc... Large vent holes allow flow through ventilation.

Sturdy rolling dolly
Features five easy roll casters to allow bucket to roll while sitting or pushing across the driveway and easy turn thumb screws that clasps the bucket system securely. To prevent the system from rolling away and tipping, two casters feature locking mechanisms and its lowered center of gravity keeps the bucket fully grounded, especially on unleveled surfaces.

Made in the USA!
The Ready-to-Wash Bucket System major components are made right here in the USA. Thumbscrews and the square nuts are imported.

**For safety, the Ready-to-Wash Bucket System is not intended for standing or dangerous riding conditions.

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