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TechCare® Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner Testimonials

Great value. Premium Caliber Product.

Name: Jason
Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Many brands market a dependable, high-quality product, but very few deliver what they promise. With WeatherTech's TechCare, I was very impressed, so much that my garage shelves are now lined with the TechCare products. I compare TechCare to a premium caliber product, but for a fraction of the price. I am very particular when it comes to using cleaning products on my S Class - with TechCare, I know I'm getting a quality product that won't ruin my car's interior/exterior.


Name: Mary hall
Vehicle: 2004 Ford Escape

Amazing easy removal of 12 years of dirt and brake dust from my rims. Biggest problem I had was finding a brush to fit around the recessed lug nuts. Tooth brush not sufficient. Need to invent a brush with deep hole in the middle to fit over the lug nuts so we can get deep into that little space. LOL. At age 79, this job was a snap for me.

Absolutely awesome!!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2012 BMW X5

My 2012 BMW X5 brakes like a champ, but pukes break dust... some of which "bakes" onto the wheels and is really tough to get off. Keeping the wheels clean has been a constant battle and over the years, I've been losing the battle, with some of the break dust had seemingly become permanent. Tried the Heavy Duty Wheel cleaner -- WOW!! So EASY and so much BETTER than any other product I've tried! Would highly recommend it! Such a pleasant surprise!!