SunShade Testimonials

Fits better than a glove!

Name: George Woolet
Vehicle: 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

Not that I have gloves to keep the sun out... but what a fit for the large windshield! Works great when we’re in Florida and it’s 95° and no relief from the sun. We have sun shades in all four of our cars. David MacNeill is a genius and all of his products are 2nd to none!

Excellent Product

Name: Terry
Vehicle: 2018

Purchased the complete vehicle kit for my wife's 2018 Santa Fe XL which has the very hard to find 6 seater Tan leather interior. From the instant of unpackaging the kit he superb quality of materials and manufacture are readily evident. The kit has a shade for every window. Installing the side window shades to get the black side to show simply involves swapping driver side to passenger side and vice versa. Fit to each window is very good and they actually do stay in place on their own even after multiple door open/close cycles (I was curious, so I experimented a little). THis kit completely blacks out the interior of the SUV. Side bonus, opportunistic thieves don't want to steal what they do not see. These shades will provide unrivaled UV protection to the expensive leather interior of the wife's SUV. Also if the leather isn't getting sun baked then there is a greatly reduced need to use leather cleaner / conditioner products (this does not negate the OEMs recommendations for at least yearly cleaning/protection of the leather). SUMMARY: IMHO excellent product, money well spent and the spin off benefits are

Impressive Product

Name: Terry
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Colorado

Purchased the complete vehicle kit for my 2017 crew cab Colorado. The quality of materials and the overall finish and fit is impressive IMHO money well spent. This truck spends its entire time outdoors and if the sun's UV rays can't get to the interior for the many hours it is parked, then the nasty effects of UV aging/degradation of the interior over the life of the truck are greatly reduced. The black underside really does help warm the glass making ice/frost removal easy. With the full kit installed, the inside of my truck cab is 99.9% of a full blackout (there are always going to be those negligible areas where tiny beams of light gets past due to how you fitted the shade to the window). The side bonus to the full kit for any vehicle (which you won't see mentioned anywhere on the Weather Tech site most likely for sensible legal reasons), it places items inside your vehicle into that "out of sight out of mind" zone. Nothing deters the determined hardcore thief, yet a locked door will help keep an honest person honest. SUMMARY: IMHO, the complete vehicle kit for the Colorado / Canyon series trucks is money well spent .

It Just Works.

Name: Tyler
Vehicle: 1998 BMW 3-Series (E36)

Black seats in a black car heat up something fierce in the summer. Setting the TechShade up during the work day keeps my leaves the interior comfortable for the drive home. When not in use, it rolls up nicely to be stored out the way. 

TechShade fits perfectly and doesn't fall down!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Buick Envision

The TechShade designed for the Buick 2017 Envision fits perfectly and doesn't fall down. The previous shade did not fit well. It was discouraging to return to the vehicle and find it had fallen on the dash. This TechShade has never fallen. It is easy to insert and remove.