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Stone & Bug Deflector Testimonials

Easy to Install and Looks Good!

Name: Tim LaCroix
Vehicle: 2018 RAM Ram 1500

I recently bought this product and installed it by myself on my 2018 Dodge Ram. The ONLY piece of advice I have is that you have one person hold your hood so you do not have to get on a ladder to install it.

Thanks WeatherTech!

Name: John
Vehicle: 2010 Ford Edge

Good morning... I'm finally going to get around to ordering a new Bug and Rock Deflector for my vehicle. I had one on my Ford Edge but it took a hit from something this past winter winter when traveling home from one of my son's hockey tournaments. Whatever hit it took a piece out of the deflector but probably saved my hood from a nasty dent!

Ford 2016 F-150 Stone and Bug Deflectors

Name: Darren
Vehicle: 2016 Ford F-150

Easy to install, took about 30min installation time. Could have been faster due to the fact that the plastic plugs on the rubber strip were a little difficult to remove. The fit is pretty good, it's not even a quarter of an inch the left, but you have to really look to notice. Overall I'm quite satisfied. It's looks really good, truck don't look so plain anymore!

Stone & Bug Deflector - 2015 Chevy Colorado

Name: Stephen Robert
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

Just finished installing the Stone & Bug Deflector on my 2015 Chevy Colorado and it looks great. Chevy sure didn't make it a simple task to install an aftermarket Stone & Bug Deflector. There are no guide holes on the underside of the hood. The hardware that came with the Stone & Bug Deflector is very minimal. The "self-tapping screws" are anything but. They are soft and a fair amount of pressure is required to get them through the underside of the hood. I don't suggest using a drill to make pilot holes though. Just grin and bear it. Other than the screws, the product is of good quality.  

Excellent made. Looks amazing.

Name: Luigi G.
Vehicle: 2003 Ford Windstar

I recently installed this bug deflector part # 50049 on my Ford Windstar. I must say it looks amazing with its super glossy look. I decided not to use the 3M adhesive tape that came with it. Instead I pierced 4 holes (like my original one from Ford) and installed it over the hood instead of resting it on the hood. If using 3M tape, you must be extremely accurate. Once you rest it on the hood it's not easy to remove it without risk of ripping the tape. I used #12 3/4 inch metal screws and washers and holds perfectly. It will never move and is perfectly safe to go in a car wash. I highly recommend this product. Very satisfied with my purchase. As usual Weather Tech sells top quality products.