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Stone & Bug Deflector Testimonials

Easy to Install and Looks Good!

Name: Tim LaCroix
Vehicle: 2018 RAM Ram 1500

I recently bought this product and installed it by myself on my 2018 Dodge Ram. The ONLY piece of advice I have is that you have one person hold your hood so you do not have to get on a ladder to install it.

Thanks WeatherTech!

Name: John
Vehicle: 2010 Ford Edge

Good morning... I'm finally going to get around to ordering a new Bug and Rock Deflector for my vehicle. I had one on my Ford Edge but it took a hit from something this past winter winter when traveling home from one of my son's hockey tournaments. Whatever hit it took a piece out of the deflector but probably saved my hood from a nasty dent!

Ford 2016 F-150 Stone and Bug Deflectors

Name: Darren
Vehicle: 2016 Ford F-150

Easy to install, took about 30min installation time. Could have been faster due to the fact that the plastic plugs on the rubber strip were a little difficult to remove. The fit is pretty good, it's not even a quarter of an inch the left, but you have to really look to notice. Overall I'm quite satisfied. It's looks really good, truck don't look so plain anymore!

Stone & Bug Deflector - 2015 Chevy Colorado

Name: Stephen Robert
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado

Just finished installing the Stone & Bug Deflector on my 2015 Chevy Colorado and it looks great. Chevy sure didn't make it a simple task to install an aftermarket Stone & Bug Deflector. There are no guide holes on the underside of the hood. The hardware that came with the Stone & Bug Deflector is very minimal. The "self-tapping screws" are anything but. They are soft and a fair amount of pressure is required to get them through the underside of the hood. I don't suggest using a drill to make pilot holes though. Just grin and bear it. Other than the screws, the product is of good quality.  

Nice product

Name: John P Moran
Vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche

The stone and bug deflector went on without a hitch. It would be nice if the wholes where slotted though for left and right adjustment. The Centred position didn't quite line up initially. Only off an 1/8 of an inch. (I slotted the holes with my die grinder) I also added smaller dia. fender washers for added support. But it really is a great product as are the mud flaps I bought as well. Thanks Weathertech!!