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SoapSaverEliminate the goop and save your soaps and sponges

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WeatherTech SoapSaver products make mushy soaps and stinky sponges a thing of the past. Quickly air dry your bar soaps or sponges and eliminate the waste and funk left behind. Great for bar soaps, sponges, loofahs, dishwashing brushes and more. Read More Product Information

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WeatherTech’s SoapSaver is the best bar soap and sponge holder for your shower or tub and bathroom, kitchen or laundry room sinks.

SoapSaver - Shower

  • SoapSaver - Shower features a raised, round and hollow pedestal that’s designed to keep your soap or sponge elevated, allowing air to flow beneath and through the pedestal, and letting water easily drain off.

SoapSaver - Sink

  • SoapSaver - Sink offers two half-crown raised pedestals that are designed to keep your soap or sponge elevated, while allowing air to flow beneath and letting water easily drip into its surrounding catch basin, keeping messes off of your countertop.

Both work great for soap bars, sponges, loofahs, dishwashing wands, shampoo bars and more. SoapSaver minimizes soap waste by keeping soap dry and avoiding the gooey mess that washes your soap and money down the drain.

The most convenient way to keep your soap or sponges dry and accessible, both SoapSavers have a base that’s raised by four discreet legs at each corner, increasing airflow and speeding up the drying process. A raised pedestal allows bar soaps and sponges of nearly any shape or curve to rest without sliding around, preventing your soap or sponges from coming into contact with the surface of your countertop and the SoapSaver base.

Both SoapSavers are available in either white or clear and are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in America using only USA-sourced copolyester BPA-free, engineered resin so they’re easy to clean and won’t discolor over time. SoapSaver beats the soap dish competition in quality, reliability and durability. Buy two or three and keep one wherever you need it!


5-3/16” wide x 3-11/16” deep x 1-⅛” high

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