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SoapSaverMake your bar soaps and sponges last longer

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Make your bar soaps and sponges last longer with the WeatherTech SoapSaver. Available in two options—shower or sink—and two colors—clear or white.

SoapSaver - Shower features a hollow, raised ring that elevates your soap and lets air circulate for quick drying.

SoapSaver - Sink features a raised ring with drying slots and a ridged base to collect runoff from your soap or sponge, making it perfect for your bathroom or kitchen sink.
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Part Number: SS1W1
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Bars of soap seem to wither away with every shower or wash, until they’ve disappeared right when you need them most. Introducing SoapSaver - the soap dish that dries soap quickly, minimizing waste and making it last longer. Great for your shower or tub, and your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room sinks.


  • SoapSaver - Shower elevates your soap on a hollow, raised ring allowing air to flow beneath and around it, quickly drying it on all sides, helping prevent soap from wasting away.
  • SoapSaver - Sink is designed to keep your soap or sponge elevated, while allowing air to flow beneath and letting water easily drip into its surrounding catch basin, keeping messes off of your countertop.

Each option is BPA-free and offered in clear or white and are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in America. SoapSaver is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Buy two or three and keep them anywhere you need them.


13.18 cm x 9.37 cm x 2.87 cm

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