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SinkMatProtect sink cabinets from spills, leaks and mildew

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When something goes bump in your kitchen or bathroom sink cabinets, it’s best to be prepared. Dripping pipes, chemical spills, mold and goopy shampoo bottles don’t stand a chance against the sturdy design of SinkMat! Read More Product Information

Part Number: USM01BXBK
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The WeatherTech SinkMat is a waterproof, injection-molded mat designed to protect your expensive kitchen and bathroom cabinets from spills, stains, leaky drains and general under-sink failures. The SinkMat is designed with a custom, raised edge that retains fluids in the event of a leak or product spill. Whether it's a dripping drainpipe, leaky household cleaner or any other under-sink hazard, the WeatherTech SinkMat has you covered! Stock up and supply your rental properties with this protective item today!

SinkMat - Bathroom Vanity Features

  • Measures 72.07 cm. (28.4") wide by 50.48 cm. (19.9") deep to fit a standard 76.2 cm. (30") wide bathroom vanity
  • Custom trim-features to allow for:
    • smaller vanities (width or depth)
      • width can be trimmed down to 56.67 cm. (22.3") or 63.65 cm. (25") (
      • depth can be trimmed down to 47.14 cm. (18.5") or 38.25 cm. (15")

SinkMat - Kitchen Features

  • Measures 86.99 cm. (34.2") wide by 57.15 cm. (22.5") deep, to fit a standard 91.44 cm. (36") wide cabinet
  • Custom trim-features to allow for:
    • smaller cabinets (width or depth)
      • width can be trimmed down to 78.10 cm. (30.8") or 71.12 cm. (28")
      • depth can be trimmed down to 52.70 cm. (20.7")

Both SinkMats are the perfect solution to common household problems!

  • Available in Black or Tan
  • Easy to clean - just wipe away messes
  • Great in kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms
  • 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

SinkMat - Bathroom Vanity

SinkMat - Bathroom Vanity diagram with dimensions.

SinkMat - Kitchen

SinkMat diagram with dimensions.

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