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Single High Pet Feeding SystemRaised dog bowl or cat bowl, perfect for outdoor patios or as an in-house extra

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PetComfort_details_16238_Single-High_Tan BY WEATHERTECH
Single High Pet Feeding System BY WEATHERTECH
PetComfort_details_16294_SIngel_High_Red BY WEATHERTECH
PetComfort_High_Feeding_System_16 BY WEATHERTECH
PetComfort_Scout_Single_High_red BY WEATHERTECH
PetComfort_Single_High_Water_Running_Down_Side_HAND_red BY WEATHERTECH
Single High Pet Feeding System BY WEATHERTECH
Single High Pet Feeding System BY WEATHERTECH
Porch_Senior_Dog_Large_Single_Tall BY WEATHERTECH
Senior_Dog_Large_Single_Tall_Porch BY WEATHERTECH
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The Single High Pet Feeding System includes a specially designed stand and mat that elevates your dog’s bowl or cat’s bowl off the floor, providing your pet with a more comfortable eating and drinking experience. The heavy-duty mat features a raised outer barrier that catches and contains any spills or mealtime messes, keeping your floors or patio clean and mess-free. Includes one ergonomically designed stainless steel bowl that ensures your dog or cat won't strain its neck to get at every morsel of food and every drop of water. Designed, engineered and manufactured right here in America, the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System was created using only the safest and highest-quality materials! Read More

Part Number: SH0801TNTN
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