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Seat Protector Testimonials

Exploding soft drinks!

Name: Doug Hawkins
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

I had a 12 pack of soft drinks on my back seat cover that I forgot about. The temperature in the truck reached at least 117 and 5 of the cans exploded or split. The cover kept almost all the liquid on the top and only a small amount dripped around the edges. I was able to get the cover off without spilling. Saved me from cleaning mess

Dog Seat Protector

Name: Kathy Baker
Vehicle: 2011 Nissan Quest

Great For Dogs! I have 3 dogs and these are wonderful for protecting the leather seats on my van and they work GREAT! Easy to install and they don't slide when my young lab bounces onto the back seat/ I was surprised at the heftiness of the material. Having dealt with my seat protectors, many of which are thin or made of wet suit material that slide and don't fit properly.I highly recommend these for humans who share their cars with their dog children.

Superior Product; Easy to Install

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2019 Hyundai Tucson

I was so happy to get this, I installed it immediately--and it took all of five minutes. Sturdy, easy to clean and perfect fit, and accommodates my dogs' seatbelts. I ordered black; "black" means very dark gray, not black-black. I was disappointed at first, but it's ok. But they should have it in the description as "darkest gray", not black.