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Seat Back Protector Kick Mat and Organizer for the Back of your Seat

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The WeatherTech Seat Back Protector is the ideal first line of defense against ingrained dirt, mud, snow, spills, scuff marks and whatever else may harm your vehicle’s seat backs. Its durable fabric is designed to repel liquids and protect the back of your seats from scuffing. Read More Product Information

Part Number: SBP003CH
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Seat Back Protector

Keeping your vehicle's seat backs clean can be just as challenging as keeping your floor spotless. Spare yourself the frustration by protecting your vehicle from those messy backseat kickboxers with the durable water-repellent and stain-resistant WeatherTech Seat Back Protector.

Made from a strong polycotton twill fabric, the protector is the ideal first line of defense against ingrained dirt, mud, snow, spills, scuff marks and whatever else the kiddos can get their feet into. For added storage, each protector includes four pockets, two mesh pockets with an elastic top and two reinforced water-resistant pockets great for packing away snacks, toys, or games.

The Seat Back Protectors full coverage design features contoured corners and reinforcement panels, which help to precisely cover and protect your entire seat without bulging. When securing the protector, its easy-to-use adjustable straps and quick release clips allow for effortless install and removal.

Adding to its premium protection features, when it comes time to cleaning the protector, simply wipe a damp cloth and rub away. For more extensive cleaning, using a washing machine will not damage the product.

Seat Back Protector Features

  • Size: 46.99 cm. (18.5") x 59.69 cm. (23.5")
  • Fits most cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks
  • Easy to clean with a wipe cloth also machine washable
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Durable polycotton twill fabric
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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