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RackSack® Testimonials

Jay Hartz's Testimonial

Name: Jay Hartz
Vehicle: 2005 BMW X5

Dear WeatherTech,
The RackSack rooftop luggage carrier from MacNeil Automotive Products performed flawlessly on our first use of it during a recent trip to New Jersey. We encountered heavy rain in Ohio and western Pennsylvania and, happily, our luggage and other packed items arrived absolutely dry. I strapped the RackSack to the BMW's rooftop support system bars. The straps remained tight and the hook and loop tabs kept the ends from fluttering in the wind and marring the paint of the vehicle.
During the trip, I kept thinking how much more practical your RackSack is than the $1,100+ "cargo pod" offered by the BMW dealer as an alternative. Not only is it less expensive (about 1/12th the cost of the pod) but also the ability to pack, as we did, multiple-sized suitcases and packages to use the entire capacity of the RackSack, a limitation with our lugage using the cargo pod system offered by the BMW dealer. In addition, the RackSack folds up when not in use to a nice flat, small package we have stored on a closet shelf.
The only two concerns we had prior to use were unfounded. We had considerable weight on the roof, and at no time did the load slide on the roof, even though we did not use the RackSack capability of strapping to the side bars as an alternative to just strapping the bag to the front and rear bars as we did. This was a potential concern in the western Pennsylvania mountains with the tight high speed curves where a weight shift could cause an unsafe handling problem. Also, we averaged 23.2 miles per gallon for the trip. I have taken this trip many times and can say that say that we lost no more 3/4 mpg from our trips with no external luggage. I had expected to average no more than 19 mpg based on the size of the sack.
I would have liked to have been able to suggest a beneficial design change to help improve an already fine product, but the design and materials used are all first-rate and it is a super product as is!
Jay Hartz