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OutdoorMatLeave Messes Outside

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Add OutdoorMat to your entryway for a cleaner home. This product features semi-rigid cones to remove mud from footwear, plus vents to allow water to escape. All this means messes stay outside and will not cross the threshold of your home! Read More Product Information

Part Number: ODM1BXB
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An outdoor mat is never JUST an outdoor mat when it is designed, engineered and manufactured by WeatherTech. We took the same technology that we use for our precision engineered automotive accessories and developed a premium OutdoorMat to fit the needs of busy doorways.

Made from 100% recyclable resin, the WeatherTech OutdoorMat features a specially designed scraper edge combined with semi-rigid cones to remove debris from shoes. Perimeter vents surround the edges to allow liquids to drain from the mat with ease. Its robust design enables the OutdoorMat to stay-put and lay-flat. The attractive appearance of the WeatherTech OutdoorMat makes it the perfect and exceptionally functional accessory for any doorway - from busy businesses to a household of outdoor lovers, it will stand the test!

The height of the OutdoorMat is 1.06 cm. (.42")

OutdoorMat weight:
60.96 cm. (24") x 99.06 cm. (39") - 3.40 kg. (7.5 lbs)
76.2 cm. (30") x 121.92 cm. (48") - 5.26 kg. (11.6 lbs)
76.2 cm. (30") x 152.4 cm. (60") - 6.93 kg. (15.3 lbs)

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