MudFlaps Testimonials

Easy, straight forward installation

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Installed the front & rear molded NO DRILL mud flaps kit ( part # 110058-120058) on my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk yesterday. Very, very impressed with this product fit, color and texture as it very closely matches the Jeep Grand Cherokee OEM trim which it is attached to. Wide and square coverage- yet still allows approximately 7.5 inches ground clearance on front and almost 9 inches ground clearance on back- which is perfect for the Trail Hawk when measure on the first suspension setting ( normal driving setting). Easy, straight forward installation with very clear photo illustrated instructions and absolute minimum hand tools required. No wheel removal needed and best part- NO DRILLING. Adds a finished look to existing Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk factory molding at wheel wells front and back. It was a 3 week back order - but well worth the wait ! Recommend to all Grand Cherokee owners- you will love the look and functionality that Weather Tech has created with this product for your vehicle. Enjoy and appreciate what this product can do for you- I certainly will !

Great mud flaps!

Name: Mike Pledger
Vehicle: 2015 Subaru Outback

I purchased a set of Weathertech mudflaps for my 2015 Outback. What a great product and a perfect fit. Really impressed and they appear to be a bit longer that the OE mud flaps which is a good thing. Although the instructions said to leave the wheel on, I opted to remove them which allowed for easier working and fitment. I did find that about half of the steel clips tended to strip before I could tighten the screws properly. I would highly recommend this product!

Very Satisfied

Name: Kevin Larson
Vehicle: 2018 Ford Expedition / Expedition Max

New aluminum body expedition owners know that Ford really didn't plan much of any space for mounting points for mud flaps. I live on a gravel road and mud flaps are an absolute must. Plus I like the more masculine look they add to vehicles. I skeptically purchased the Weathertech mudflaps for the new body expedition not sure if the mounting would be sturdy, especially on the front where mounting points are the most limited. I have had these mudflaps on now for 6 months and have experienced driving in deep snow, slush and mud. I'm happy to report that they continue to be firmly attached and very strong. I'm very impressed how Weathertech cleverly created such a perfectly molded mudflap with very secure mounting. They also look awesome. Well done!

Excellent product, easy install

Name: Dale B
Vehicle: 2018 GMC Sierra / Sierra Denali 1500

Received mudflaps today. Ad said 15 minute install; took me 20. Was concerned about fit of back flaps because my truck had fender flairs. Just back the hardware screws out a little more and they clamp on fine. Factory fit, looks great.

Better Than OEM

Name: Terry
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Colorado

My 17 Colorado came with OEM fender flares, nice touch. Except GMC/Chev doesn't carry mudflaps that fit this truck if you take the factory flare option. Go Figure! Enter Weather Tech and their proactive thinking team, they seem the issue and have wrangled up a line of optional mudflaps that let your truck have fender flares and mudflaps too. These are a superbly though-out, well designed and skillfully manufactured items. After reading the supplied instructions they are super easy to install with basic hand tools. Weather Tech even supplies the Allen key for the quick fastener installed on the flaps. Durability: After 4,000 kms of nasty winter driving and multiple high pressure vehicle washes these flaps remain snug and unaffected by the road grud or hot water and chemicals of the wash rack. For those who like saving the sides of their trucks from stones and road gunk I strongly recommend these Weather Tech mudflaps. If you are a dedicated Off-Road Driver then a more flexible mudflap or none-at-all might be more your flavour. SUMMARY: IMHO these mudflaps are money well spent and being available in a fitment option that cover-off for the OEMs shortsightedness I would and have recommended them to friends.