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LampGard® Testimonials

UV Protected Polished Headlights

Name: Sean
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Camry

Got sick and tired of polishing my headlights on my Camry every couple months so I decided to try this film. Polished my hazy headlights one last time really well and applied the film as instructed. Worked out great, and the film really does a great job of providing UV protection. It's been 16 months and the headlights are still crystal clear looking brand new! Way cheaper and easier than purchasing and replacing them with new headlights.

Good protection, easy install

Name: William Snively
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Sequoia

Weathertech is making their own product so I was anxious to try. Purchased an 07 Sequoia that needed replacement headlights due to excessive fogging that was too much for me to repair, thought now would be a great time to try the new product on fresh lenses. Film was easy to install and seems every bit as good as the past kits I have used from WT in the past. Fitment was spot on for the Sequoia, couldn't have been any better. Thickness seems to be the perfect size, not too thin to lack protection and no too thick to make install difficult. Curved surfaces can always use the help of a heat gun or hair dryer to aid adhesion to the contours, something not mentioned in instructions. I used the WT fluid kit with install, definitely needed if you're a newbie to protection film install. All in all, I'm happy with the kit, would recommend to anyone that may be on the fence about purchasing!!

Installed in 2007 and 12 years later, headlights like new

Name: Chris
Vehicle: 2007 Infiniti G

I bought and installed these on my new (at the time) 2007 Infiniti G35S that I still own (85K miles later) and the headlights are still like new. Compound curves are tough to install, but with the thickness, it is highly unlikely your headlight will ever shatter. I also installed these on my 2005 Sequoia (much easier install than my G35 above) when I bought it in 2008. While rocks on Highway 80 have destroyed/broken two windshields on my way up to Tahoe over the past 11 years and 80K miles, my headlights and fog lights still look like new...

Great Product. Great Protection.

Name: Cheryl Hilliard Jackson
Vehicle: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

LampGard Headlight Protection offers exceptional protection for your headlamps. We bought mew headlamps because the original ones yellowed and became hazy so badly. It is important to read the instructions first before attempting to apply the product and to be carefully around the curves of your lamps. They will look a little hazy for two weeks or so but they will cleared up. We are very satisfied with the results and will be purchasing this product for our other car.

Excellent product!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Tacoma

I installed a set on my truck at 35,000 miles. I now have over 250,000 and the bezels are as clear as the first day! I lve near Josua Tree and we get blowing sand that pits windows, paint,everything, but no issues with my bezels. I recommend these to everyone that is interested. Thanks.