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IndoorMat Testimonials

A Definite Floor Saver!

Name: Chris N.

Was hosting the family for Christmas this year, and was definitely worried about the kind of mess that would leave in our entry way. Thankfully, we purchased this product upgrading from a fairly run-of-the-mill entry rug and were completely "floored" by the results. By the end of the night you could easily see all the dirt that had been captured by this mat and not trekked all over our floors.

Cats On Mats

Name: Lauren A.

I recently purchased the IndoorMat for my home to use under my cat’s litter boxes, and it is great. I have tried using towels, trays and mats from pet stores, and even the material used to line drawers and cabinets to contain any loose litter while protecting the floor. The larger IndoorMat 30" x 48" size is perfect for 2 litter boxes and extra floor coverage. It is very easy to clean since all I have to do is vacuum any litter that made it outside the mat or is contained on it. The cats were completely comfortable with the switch as they didn’t even notice a new mat. It is also comfortable to walk on with the raised pattern so litter does not stick to your feet. The neutral colors available are great since it blends into the floor color whereas many other stores only offer brightly colored mats and trays.