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FuelGloveHelps protect hands from germs, dirt and fuel found on gas pump handles*

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You might not think about it, but a fuel pump can easily be the dirtiest thing you touch in a day. The handle of the fuel pump contains an incredibly high amount of germs, and combine that with all the dirt, and fuel residue left from previous users… well you get the idea. The WeatherTech Fuel Glove is the ultimate gas and diesel protection glove, safeguarding your health while you fill up your vehicle. Utilizing FastFit® style and a textured Armortex Grip, Fuel Glove is a must have for anyone looking to keep their hands clean at the gas pump. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 84FGMSM
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Product Information

WeatherTech Fuel Glove

The WeatherTech Fuel Glove is an essential part of any driver’s toolbox. The FastFit® style features a slip-on open cuff that allows users to literally slip the glove on before pumping their fuel and off once their tank is filled up. The textured Armortex Grip displaces any liquids on the fuel pump handle enhancing gripping power on wet or oily surfaces. Meaning less strain put on your hand. The Fuel Glove also features a unique two-piece palm design that eliminates any kind of material bunching, and the pinched fingertip construction improves strength and durability. Machine washable, Fuel Glove can be tossed in with your next load of laundry. Fuel Glove is available in 5 different sizes, please use the sizing guide below to identify which size is right for you!


  • Form-fitting TrekDry® material keeps working hands cool and comfortable
  • Stretch-elastic cuffs create a secure fit.
  • Anatomically designed two-piece palm design eliminates material bunching.
  • Textured Armortex® provides enhanced gripping power in dry, oily and wet conditions.
  • Pinched fingertip construction improves fingertip strength and durability.
  • Machine washable.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash in cold water using mild laundry detergent. Do not use bleach or solvents. Air dry. Do not machine dry.

Sizing Guide

*Not designed for commercial use. Helps shield skin from traces of fuel that may be found on standard gas pump handles. Users are encouraged to always use caution and care when in the vicinity of fueling stations.

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