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FaucetMatProtect Your Kitchen Countertops

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Bring WeatherTech defense into the kitchen with FaucetMat! This premium, American-made solution neatly wraps around your faucet to protect countertops from unsightly water marks and damage. Created with a subtly-designed angle from back to front, excess water drains directly into the sink instead of pooling around the faucet, where it could erode caulking or discolor granite. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8AFAU01TN
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FaucetMat offers a first line of defense against the messes that happen while you’re working in the kitchen and doing dishes. This mat helps stop excess water from pooling on countertops thanks to a wrap design that neatly surrounds the faucet, plus a subtle angle that helps drain water directly into the sink basin. FaucetMat features raised ridges that allow sponges to fully dry when resting on top.

Available in two options, a full size (FaucetMat) and a shorter version with a soap tray (FaucetMat Duo), these solutions work with a wide range of sink configurations. FaucetMat is a one-piece that fits a majority of modern faucets that are centered in the basin. It covers a large area of the countertop to enhance protection. FaucetMat Duo fits faucets with separate soap dispensers and asymmetric sink basins. Its two-piece design can be placed on either the right or left side of the faucet by flipping the mat over.

Both styles of FaucetMat are designed with an aesthetically pleasing look and are available in three popular colors that complement contemporary kitchen trends.

FaucetMat Highlights:

  • Protects countertops from water rings and damage
  • Angled design drains excess water directly into the sink basin
  • Raised ridges elevate sponges so they fully dry
  • Fits closely to the wall to maximize coverage
  • Constructed from premium, durable material that’s easy to clean
  • Available in three colors
  • Proudly made in the USA
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