CupFone Testimonials

Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

Name: Anonymous

I have used many different styles of car phone holders over the years (clip onto the air vent, magnets to the dash, suctions to the windshield). They have all been inconvenient or unsuccessful in one way or another. This CupPhone finally solved all my concerns. It does not block my view. Does not fall off on bumpy roads. And, is not far from reach. It is also very easy to take in and out without having to make modifications to the phone (such as attaching a magnet or other piece). Thanks WeatherTech for finally coming up with something that really works.

Dealing with Weathertech

Name: Anonymous

Back in 2005 or so my wife and I were at our first SEMA show and without a ride to the convention center. Two very gracious people offered us a ride with them. I turned out to be the owners of Weathertech. I still remember it to this day and just wanted to say thanks and let them know I have been a good customer since then.  The latest is the cup fone and I am thrilled that someone finally got it right!

This is well worth the money. Buy it!

Name: Carolyn Lorenz Bunnell

I’ve tried so many phone holders and this resizeable, sturdy, solid phone holder is the bomb! It fits my phone (iPhone7+) with the Mophie charging case. The multiple, cup-in-a-cup sizing is perfect and fits my cup holder perfectly (2016 BMW 5 series). This is well worth the money. Buy it!

Great item!

Name: Terry Frye

Bought the phone cup holder back in December and my wife thought I was crazy. Well it turns out that she uses it more than i do. Love it makes life alot easier when you phone is not falling to the floor of your car when you make a sharp turn. Going to purchase another one this week for my truck.

Love It!

Name: Anonymous

The CupFone is great. Now we can use it as a gps and charge the cell phone without the person in the passenger seat having to hold it. Plus, it fits the cup holders in both our vehicles snuggly.