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ComfortMat ConnectCustomize your space with interlocking anti-fatigue mats

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When you work on your feet, you’re rarely standing in one place. For comfort that lasts as long as the day, there’s ComfortMat Connect. It offers cushion and support for your feet and back wherever you work. Start with two 3-foot (0.91 m) End Pieces that snap together to create a 6-foot (1.82 m) long ComfortMat Connect. Need it longer? You can extend it with middle pieces — or even connect it around corners — it’s up to you, your space and your imagination. Read More

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Step 3 - Select your Layout

  • End Mats 24" x 36" (QTY 2)

    Part Number: 8ACONA2CBB



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  • Middle Mat 24" x 36"

    Part Number: 8ACONB1CBB



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  • Corner Mat 25" x 25"

    Part Number: 8ACONC1CBB



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Product Information

ComfortMat Connect

Engineered with ergonomics in mind, ComfortMat Connect is WeatherTech’s extendable, interlocking anti-fatigue mat runner. Shape it your way: lay it out in a straight line, go around corners or encircle large objects like workshop benches, factory machines and kitchen islands. Ideal in workplaces, retail spaces, home offices and more. Plus, ComfortMat Connect can be extended long enough so several people can stand on it at once.

There are three different mat pieces to choose from. Connecting them is simple. As a rule of thumb, start with two End Pieces and add as many Middle or Corner Pieces as you wish. They snap to each other quickly and easily with our patent pending SnapLink interlocking system.

  1. End: Each End Piece is 3 feet long (0.91 m). Snap two together and you have a 6-foot (1.82 m) ComfortMat Connect!
  2. Middle: Each Middle Piece is also 3 feet long (0.91 m). Snap them between End or Corner Pieces.
  3. Corner: Each Corner Piece is 25 inches (63.5 cm) square. Snap an End Piece or a Middle Piece to each side and your ComfortMat Connect now has a 90 degree corner.

The possibilities are endless! Examples:

  • Snap three Middle Pieces to two End Pieces and you have a 15-foot (4.57 m) long ComfortMat Connect
  • Snap one Corner Piece to two End Pieces to create a 90-degree ComfortMat Connect that measures 61" (154.94 cm) from corner to end
  • Add a Middle Piece to one side and extend it to 97" (246.38 cm) (9700 cm) on that side

We're Here to Help!
WeatherTech offers complimentary design services to help you find the right fit and configuration for your space.
Call us at 888-905-6287.

Each ComfortMat Connect piece is ¾" thick and features beveled outer edges for safety, along with a textured surface and underside that provide added traction and grip under your feet and on your floor.

ComfortMat Connect comes in Black, Tan, Cocoa and Grey to match your floors – and in four beautiful finishes of Carbon Fiber, Stone, Bordered and Woven. It’s also heat, chemical and oil resistant, odor free and easy to clean.

ComfortMat Connect Highlights:

  • Start with two end pieces and expand from there to fit a multitude of spaces
  • The patent pending SnapLink system offers trouble-free assembly - and if you want to move ComfortMat Connect to another area, simply unlink the pieces to snap it together in a new location or configuration
  • Works great for on-the-move jobs and multiple people standing while they work

Don’t just stand there; stand on ComfortMat Connect.

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