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ClearCover® Testimonials

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Honda Fit

As a lifelong fan of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team I decided to purchase a set of custom license plates honoring the team. The Sabres were established in 1970, so my plate spells out SABRES70. After I purchased the license plates I searched the internet for a plate holder that would protect the plates. Since I live in Buffalo NY (everyone knows what our winters are like) I was looking for a holder/protector that would protect the plates in our wild weather but allow the plates to be clearly visible . I came upon the WeatherTech ClearCover. This turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It keeps the plate nice and tight so, no more rattling, and it protects the plate from all of the unwanted elements. The product works just as advertised. After two snow storms and a mixture of salt, snow and ice the plates still look great. Well worth the price.

Another AWESOME product!

Name: Ron Gilman
Vehicle: 2010 Chevrolet Colorado

If your license plate is basically a decal on a piece of sheet metal - YOU NEED A ClearCover! After a few Indiana winters driving almost 80 miles daily my license plate was coming off in pieces! Had to go the BMV to get a replacement. Started looking for a license plate protector and came across this WeatherTech product. As a fan of the floor liners, mud flaps, and virtually anything they sell I knew this would be a good product and I was not disappointed. The design is fantastic. Drain holes where needed. Fastener covers. And, they provide STAINLESS fasteners!!! Installation is a snap! Looks awesome too. Once again, WeatherTech proves they are the LEADER in these types of automotive accessories!!! Looking forward to their next product!