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CargoTechCargo Containment System for your Trunk

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  • Keeps cargo of all different shapes and sizes from shifting and sliding all over your trunk area.
  • Super Grippy underside works on both rubberized cargo mats and standard trunk carpet.
  • Helps organize your trunk area cargo!
  • Perfect for groceries, coolers, gym bags, sporting equipment, luggage and plenty more!
  • Sold as a group of 4.
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Part Number: 8CTK2
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CargoTech Cargo Containment System

The CargoTech system integrates with either the WeatherTech Cargo Liner, standard carpeted surface of your car trunk, or SUV cargo area to aid in securing large or unusually shaped items, such as grocery bags, or plants. Molded from two different materials, the WeatherTech CargoTech system couples a durable plastic “fence” with a super-grippy underside to ensure your goods remain stable. Sold as a set-of-four.

CargoTech Measurements:

Sold as a set-of-four with each corner piece measuring 20.32 cm. (8") x 20.32 cm. (8") x 12.7 cm. (5")
*Cargo Liner is not included with purchase of CargoTech Cargo Containment System.

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