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BumpStep®XL Testimonials

I Love My BumpStep

Name: Dan
Vehicle: 2011 Ford F-150

It really takes the stress out of backing up in a tight parking lot. Much better than a dented/scratched bumper, and it popped back into shape!

Helps Reassurance of Bumper Protection

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2018 Toyota 4Runner

I've had several vehicles that were bumped by other vehicles and left my vehicles with the ugly reminder of the incident. With the XL bumper by weather tech installed in both of my 2018 4 runner and 2002 Tundra, which were easy to install, I feel less worried about someone damaging my bumpers as in the past incidents. The bumper guards feel strong and good construction and quality and are made in the USA. Since then, I have purchased other weather tech products.