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BumpStep Testimonials

Excellent Protection for your Bumper!

Name: James Aldea
Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Highlander

A driver behind me rear-ended my vehicle. Somehow he wasn't fully attentive. Thank God I had this bumpstep installed. It could have been my rear bumper or worse could have destroyed the entire rear of my vehicle. The bumpstep absorbed all the impact and damaged the offending vehicle's front bumpers leaving my vehicle scratched-free. The bumpstep was completely shattered but who cares, my vehicle is intact. I will purchase another one right now!

Rear Ended

Name: Michael Dougherty
Vehicle: 2014 Honda Ridgeline

Just received a call from my wife that while she was on her way to the horse farm to take care of her horse a car stopped short in front of her. She was able to stop before hitting that car; however, the car behind her did hit her truck. The BumpStep took the full force of the impact. Her truck is fine which saves us any cost of repairs. I only need to replace the BumpStep. A great product!

Weathertech tough!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2006 Ford F-150

On 1/3/2019 my Ford F-150 with a Bumpstep mounted was rear ended by a Nissan Sentra. Other than some dings to the rear bumper and a destroyed Bumpstep was the damage. The Nissan was totaled. No one was injured. The Bumpstep worked as advertised. I just ordered a replacement. Without it there would have been a lot more damage to my truck.