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All-Purpose MatCapture everyday household spills and messes

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Life gets messy, but your home doesn’t have to. Protect your floors from spills, accidents, leaks and more with the WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat. It’s perfect for your garage, kitchen, grill area and any spot you need to keep a little neater – even your business! Read More Product Information

Part Number: APM4044B
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All-Purpose Mat

The WeatherTech All-Purpose Mat offers the ultimate protection for everyday living. A sloping outer edge acts as a dust pan, making it easy to sweep up any debris caused by lawnmowers, snow blowers, grills or even a child’s high chair.

The All-Purpose Mat is made with the same premium, heavy-duty material as our iconic Floor Mats, so it’ll stand up to nearly anything you throw at it - or on it. It also helps defend against scratches from chair or table legs.

All-Purpose Mat is available in five colors and three versatile shapes: rectangular for open spaces, and angled to fit around desk, table or workbench legs, and round for just about anything else!

All-Purpose Mat Highlights:

  • Made from premium, heavy-duty material – will stand up to anything you throw at it, or put on it.
  • Sloping outer edge keeps any debris or spills on the mat and off your floor.
  • Works great in the garage, grill area, under chairs, and anywhere else you want some added protection.
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