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What is your Company's Shipping Policy?

Important Shipping Information:

Depending on where you live, you might not be offered all shipping options. In some cases we are not able to deliver certain products to your location.

NOTE: We cannot ship any product via air service to APO/FPO addresses.

Other important shipping information:

Most orders will be shipped (leave the warehouse) within 48 hours. Please allow 3-10 business days for your order to arrive.
Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the shipment tracking information. Once your shipment leaves WeatherTech Canada, it belongs to you, so tracking your shipment is highly recommended to avoid missed delivery.
Two weeks prior to Christmas, no delivery times are guaranteed.
Prices include shipping to all Canadian Provinces.

I live outside Canada. What about shipping there? And how much?

Please contact us at (888) 905-6287. Or, you may email your shipping address along with the products you are interested in to


Ordering Online/Security

I'm concerned about giving you my credit card. Can I trust your site to be secure?

You can be fully assured that our website is a secure website. Your personal information including credit card number, is transmitted over the Internet via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted session. This method allows only the person who you choose to send information to, the only person that sees it.

We have chosen VeriSign to be the verifying authority as to the level of security our website maintains. They have issued our company a certificate stating that: This site has a VeriSign Secure Server ID.
1. VeriSign has verified the organizational name and that NORTHERN PERFORMANCE (HAMILTON) LTD. has the proof of right to use it.
2. This site legitimately runs under the auspices of NORTHERN PERFORMANCE (HAMILTON) LTD.
3. All information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.

Included in the certificate are the effective dates of our secure site certificate.

I just ordered online, but I am unsure my order went through. How can I be sure?

First, please check your email account. A order confirmation email will be sent within minutes of placing your order. If you do not receive an email, please call customer service at (888) 905-6287 and a representive will be happy to assist.

I want to order via phone, fax or mail. How do I do that?

I want to order via phone, fax or mail. How do I do that?

You are more than welcome to call us! Our telephone number is (888) 905-6287. We have customer service representatives available during these hours:

Representatives are available:
Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.Eastern
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.Eastern

Shortly, we will have an order form available for you to print out from our website. Then, you can fax or mail in your order. Until then, please call (888) 905-6287 and we will gladly fax you an order form. Payments by check are held 10 business days.

I'm new to your site, where do I start?

If you know the Make, Year and Model of the vehicle you're shopping for, proceed to Shop by Vehicle. Here, you can see every product we offer for your specific vehicle. We even show you pictures of our items on your specific vehicle so you can see how they look before they are installed! Once there, we might need to ask you one or two more questions to narrow down the exact part number for your vehicle, but don't worry...the questions are fun and easy!
If you've come to our website to purchase a gift and don't know the Make, Year and Model, no problem! Follow me to Shop By Products, and there you will find many gift items that don't require detailed information about a vehicle.


What is the warranty on WeatherTech Products?


WeatherTech Canada warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. Depending on the situation, we will either replace your product at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement or issue a full or prorated refund. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime. Our goal is to always reach a fair resolution to any issue.

Please note, if you purchased a WeatherTech Canada product(s) from an unauthorized dealer, the unauthorized retailer may or may not honor our lifetime limited warranty. We strongly recommend purchasing from either us directly or through an authorized WeatherTech reseller.  

If you need a refund or would like to return your WeatherTech products, always go directly to where you bought them from. Buying directly from WeatherTech Direct is clearly the best place to receive the best customer service, as we are the Factory!

Buying from unauthorized retailers on the web, such as from Amazon/eBay and some of their retailers, you risk not getting the correct parts for your vehicle and substandard customer service as they are not specialists in what we do. No one takes care of YOU like the Factory does!

To obtain warranty service, you must contact customer support at (888) 905-6287 or (905) 549-2761 during regular business hours or email us at 24-7.

How are the rear All-Weather Mats designed?

We offer many different sizes of rear All-Weather Floor Mats to accommodate most floor plans.  The outer portion of certain mat sets are designed to be trimmed to fit your vehicle, if necessary along the outer score lines.  Some two piece mats connect to form the appearance of a one piece mat.  Please refrain from cutting any center tabs on mats which connects the two sides.  Mats can be modified using a pair of household scissors or utility knife.  Some mats do not have trim accomodations.

It is desirable to have the mat follow the contour of the rear footwell, lending protection to the sides as well.  Please check the sizing prior to trimming as the mats cannot be returned once they have been trimmed.

I'm having trouble installing or using my WeatherTech Products. How do I get more information?

We have many options to help you with the installation or usage of any of our WeatherTech products. Your best option is our Installation Instructions page. Pictorial installation guides, and in some cases videos, are available.

Another resource is to call us at (888) 905-6287 and speak with one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives. They can guide you through any problems or issues that might turn up.

Do WeatherTech's automotive mats, bed liners and home and business mats contain natural rubber latex?

There is no natural rubber based formulation disclosure on the automotive hazardous material system, therefore the product does not contain latex. Our mats are a proprietary combination of TPO (thermopolyolefin) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) compounds. All our mats are low outgassing and meet all REACH, ROHS, and major regulatory requirements.

Product Info

Do I have to trim my FloorLiners?

Some vehicles have options (i.e. speakers and subwoofers) that may interfere with the design of the product. In these instances, we incorporate trim lines to accommodate those options affected.

What are the exact dimensions?

Front mats:
5/8" thick
19" wide by 27" long
Can be trimmed to 16" wide by 24" long
2-Piece Rear mats:
5/8" thick
18.5" wide by 17" long
Can be trimmed to 16.5" wide by 15" long
1-Piece Over the Hump Rear mat:
5/8" thick
56" wide by 16" long
Can be trimmed to 52" wide by 14" long

What does “1st Row” mean?

“1st Row” means the first, or front row of seating, driver and passenger side. Your set will include both pieces, unless it is a single-piece design.

Can I put the FloorLiners on top of or under my factory mats?

No. The removal of the factory mats is IMPERATIVE for proper installation. Failure to remove factory mats will result in an improper fit, which will likely create interference with vehicle controls, resulting in an unsafe condition for operating the vehicle.

Why aren’t all rear FloorLiners one piece?

We strive to offer the most protection possible for the vehicle footwell. Some designs allow for a one-piece, over-the-hump liner, and others present limitations that require a two-piece design. The fitment notes and images on our website generally show whether the part is a one-piece or two individual pieces.

Is the material odorless?

Yes, it is odorless, non-toxic, contains no latex, cadmium, lead or any harmful PVC’s.

Does this product contain Latex?

No. All Floor Mats and Household Mats are made from our advanced Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is virtually odorless, contains no harmful PVCs, cadmium, or lead and is 100% recyclable!

Why isn’t the color the same as it appears online, or in the ad?

On-screen or ad color representations may appear slightly different as a result of studio lighting, variance in monitor calibrations, or magazine print quality.

Why don’t you make FloorLiners for all vehicles?

The FloorLiner was first developed in 2005, and our efforts have been dedicated to developing applications for popular models from 2005 to current. If you do not see an application for your vehicle, please visit our New Product Updates ( form and WeatherTech will let you know when new products are available for your vehicle.

How do I remove the FloorLiners from my car?

Some vehicles utilize posts, snaps, hooks-and-loops, as well as other retention devices that require a 90-degree twist to remove-and-install. Please refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for the proper instructions on the use of your particular vehicle’s floor mat retention system. Once identified, refer to the instructions supplied with your FloorLiners or mats.

Can I purchase only the driver’s side?

No. The FloorLiners are only sold in pairs or complete sets.

Why doesn’t the FloorLiner cover the door sill on my vehicle?

Our Floorliners are manufactured to fit flush or cover the door sill when the vehicle’s sill is level with the floor. If the vehicle is designed with a well-shaped floor space, the FloorLiner will rise up to and along the door sill, but not cover it completely.

What’s the difference between the FloorLiners and All-Weather Floor Mats?

The FloorLiners are a three-dimensional tray-type floor covering with standing walls that go up the front, back, and side of the vehicle floor. The All-Weather Floor Mats are a traditional two-dimensional flexible rubber-type mat that drapes the floor area to follow contours. The FloorLiners are made out of a harder, more rigid material, and the All-Weather Mats are made out of a softer, more flexible material. Both will protect the carpet and contain spills, however the FloorLiners cover more surface area.

Why is my driver’s side dead pedal/ footrest only partially covered?

We strive to offer as much protection to the vehicle floor as possible. There are inherent limitations in the manufacturing process that may limit the height of some walls on a specific application.

How should I clean my FloorLiners?

Our specially formulated TechCare Cleaner and Protector Kit is designed specifically for this task. However, mild detergent, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush will also help clean the FloorLiner or All-Weather Floor mats. Do not clean with harsh chemicals or apply silicone-based cleaners (such as Armor All).

BMW: How do I remove my hook-and-loop (Velcro) retention system and replace it with your hooks?

BMW uses a hook-and-loop system for retaining their carpet mat. It is typically mounted to a socket in the floor by a 90-degree twist. Rotate counter-clockwise and lift to remove. To reinstall, rotate retention system clockwise with a downward push. When replacing the original system, please retain the devices with your original carpet floor mats. Again – always refer to the vehicle owner’s manual and your WeatherTech instructions for questions - or refer to our website.

Does the All-Weather Floor Mats have a raised lip around the edge?

Yes, the perimeter lip of the mat is ½” tall.

How do I remove the hanger?

Removing the hanger is as simple as pressing the tabs on each end of the hanger and removing the hook. For a visual demonstration, please refer to the video below:

How thick are the All-Weather Floor Mats?

The thickness of the material is 3mm, but the mat is ½” in overall height.

How deep are the grooves?

The grooves in the All-Weather Floor Mats are 3/8” inches deep.

Can I use the All-Weather Floor Mats in conjunction with FloorLiners?


How tall is the Cargo Liner?

The Cargo Liner has a 2" perimeter wall.

How do I access the tie downs?

Trim designations are indicated where applicable.

Do I have to trim my Cargo Liner?

Some vehicles include optional features (i.e. speakers and subwoofers, spare tires, u-rail cargo systems, cargo mounts, etc.) that may require trimming for those options. We include trim lines where applicable. If you are uncertain about whether your product needs trimming or not, please refer to the ‘Fit Note’ area on the website’s product page, which will indicate if trimming is necessary.

Will storing the Cargo Liner deform it?

We recommend storing the Cargo Liner as it was received; rolled-up in its original carton.

Will packages or groceries slide on the Cargo Liner?

The Cargo Liner is made from a proprietary non-slip material, but cannot overcome the laws of physics. However, the CargoTech Cargo Containment system is a great addition to further reduce movement of items in your cargo area.

Can I purchase the AVM product anywhere else?

Yes. For a complete list of authorized resellers, please click here.

Do I need to install the MAPB113KIT?

While the weight of the mat will keep it largely stationary, we do strongly recommend using the MAPB113KIT for added security.

What can one use to trim the mat?

A standard pair of scissors is all that is needed to cut the mat.

What happens if I trim this and mess up, can I return the mat?

Remember the old carpenter adage – measure twice, cut once! Once the item is modified, it cannot be returned. Please refer to our Lifetime Limited Warranty page for additional information.

What is the height of the inner lip?

The height of the inner lip in the mat is .25 inches.

Is it custom fit?

Yes, the TechShade is designed specifically for each application.

How does it stay in place once it is installed?

TechShades are custom designed fit to each vehicle and when properly installed, remain snugly in place until removed.

What holds it on the side windows of my truck?

The TechShades for the side windows are held in place by friction.

What is a “mounted sensor” and what does it look like?

Many vehicles are equipped with Lane Sensors (aka Collision Avoidance System) or Rain Sensors that automatically activate windshield wipers at the first sign of rain. This sensor is typically located below the rear-view mirror.

Why don’t you offer full kits for my vehicle?

The application list will continue to expand based on customer requests. You may place a request here (link to Product Update Form)

Is the Seat Protector custom fit for my vehicle?

The seat protector is Semi-Custom, available in six versatile sizes, and fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs. When installing “Semi-Custom” products, a few additional adjustments may be necessary to achieve the desired fit.

What colors are offered?

The Seat Protector is available in three colors – Black, Grey, and Tan. These popular choices complement almost any vehicle interior.

If I don’t have head rests can I still use the Seat Protector? Is there another way to attach it?

No. Headrests are required for installation.

Will a center seatbelt work with this product?

No. While the left and right seatbelts will remain fully functional with the Seat Protector installed, a center seatbelt will not be accessible.

How does the Seat Protector stay on the bottom of the seat? My dog rolls it up each time he gets in.

Each Seat Protector includes a set of pillow anchors which slip between the seat back and seat base, securing the Seat Protector in place.

Is it machine-washable/ dryable?

Yes. The Seat Protector is machine-washable. Air dry is recommended.

Does the warranty cover tears or rips from a wash cycle?

Exclusions to our warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc. We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. Depending on the circumstance, we will either replace your product at no charge, charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, or issue a full or prorated refund.

How do passengers access my 3rd row if this is installed in my 2nd row?

The highly flexible Seat Protector will fold with any bench seat for easy access to 3rd row seating.

Is the PetSTEP slick if it gets wet or if the dog’s paws are wet?

No. the PetStep is manufactured with a ribbed, non-slip surface making it easy for any pet to grip while entering or exiting the vehicle.

Is the PetSTEP foldable and easy to transport?

The PetSTEP features a lightweight design (18.5lbs) and can easily be folded and transported inside of any vehicle. The PetSTEP measures 70” unfolded, 36” folded and 17” wide.

Are there any weight restrictions with the PetSTEP?

Yes. The PetSTEP can withstand a weight of up to 500lbs at any given time.

Does the Battery Charger need to be plugged in?


Can you connect and then forget about the Battery Charger?

Always verify that the charger has been switched to maintenance charge before leaving your charger unattended. If the charger has not been switched to maintenance charge within 72 hours, the charger must be disconnected manually. If the charger has been switched to maintenance charge, the battery is most likely healthy and will work while connected to the charger for long periods of time. If the charger has not switched to maintenance charge after 48 hours and the green lamp is lit, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Can I charge GEL batteries?

GEL and all other types of lead-acid batteries can be charged with no problems.

How drained can a battery be before it cannot be charged by the Battery Charger?

A battery is considered “drained” when the voltage is below 10.5V. However, it can still emit energy down to 7-8 volts. Some batteries can be damaged as a result of being too deeply discharged. The Battery Charger can sometimes revive these batteries through pulsing to reduce sulphating or through a soft start. A battery that does not respond to the battery charger’s attempts to revive it, is most likely dead and needs to be replaced.

How do I determine the amount of tiles to order?

Measure the length and the width of the surface you are looking to cover with TechFloor. Multiply the length by the width in order to determine the approximate number of square feet required to cover the surface. This will be the approximate number of tiles to order. Be sure to calculate and subtract any edging or other type of border treatment from the final calculation.

How hard is this product to install?

With our simple Loop and Tab latching system, TechFloor is easy to assemble and install. Simply lay the tab over the loop and apply pressure. We recommend using a small rubber mallet.

Can I turn the vehicle as I drive on the tiles?

This flooring is recommended for installation in an environment where the vehicle is only required to drive-off or drive-on in a straight direction. This floor is not recommended for installation in areas where vehicle(s) are required to turn, particularly where a hard turn is required.

Can I use TechFloor in a garage where I work on cars?

Yes, working on this floor can be done, and light vehicle maintenance is not a problem. Please note that this floor has limitations and is not recommended for use with a vehicle utilizing extremely wide tires, as any slight turns made will cause dragging of the floor. This floor is also not recommended for use with vehicles utilizing a Limited Slip or Locked Differential, as any slight turns made will cause the tires to drag across the floor.

Can I use TechFloor with a car lift?

Yes, this tile can be used with ramp style lifts. Flooring must go around the lift where it attaches to the floor. It is not recommended to be used with lifts where the tires come in contact with the floor, as raising and lowering the vehicle will cause the tires to drag across the floor during the normal camber movement of the suspension.

How hard are the tiles to clean?

Simple household floor cleaners work well.

Will the tiles resist chemicals and gasoline?

Yes, TechFloor resists most household and automotive based chemicals. We recommend cleaning immediately after spill occurs. Any gasoline should be cleaned immediately. Gasoline and Kerosene will damage TechFloor with prolonged exposure.

Can I replace a tile if they get damaged?

Yes, and depending on the location, several methods can be used. Near an edge - we recommend dismantling from the edge. Simply pull up the tab edge of the tile from the loop, and they will unlock. In the middle of the floor - we recommend cutting the tile out. Cut a hole in the center of the tile using a utility knife, and use the same pulling force to unlock the tab from the loops.

Can I use TechFloor with a radiant heated floor?

We do not recommend TechFloor for radiant heated floors due to several factors. Most importantly the temperature variances can result in uneven expansion and contraction which could buckle or damage the TechFloor.

What is the belt made out of?

The belt is made out of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) and the buckle is made out of PC (Poly Carbonate).

Will the StarBelt fade?

No, the material contains a UV inhibitor to prevent fading.

What is the largest diameter the belt can be?

The largest diameter the belt can be with the buckle on the last hole and no trimming is 48”.

Can the belt go through the body scanner at the airport?

Yes, the belt can be worn through the metal detector or body scanner at the airport unless it is requested that you remove it.

Can I mix and match my belt and buckle?

Yes, additional buckles are sold separately.

How do I clean my StarBelt?

The StarBelt and buckle is easily cleaned with warm water and gentle dish soap. Rinse clean and let air dry.

Does the CargoTech work on my normal vehicle cargo area flooring, or will I need a Cargo Liner?

The CargoTech can be used on existing vehicle carpet floors as well as our Cargo Liners and AVM Universal Cargo Mat.

How does the CargoTech stay in place?

CargoTech features a grippy underside that helps prevent any unnecessary shifting or sliding of cargo.

How many pieces come in a set?

Four pieces.

My CargoTech isn’t gripping as well, why?

It is important to keep both the underside of the CargoTech and the surface you place the CargoTech on free from dust, dirt and obstructions. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your CargoTech maintains its maximum gripping capacity.

What is the best way to clean the CargoTech?

Simply wipe with a damp cloth or mild detergent. We also recommend using our FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner.

Do Side Window Deflectors stop wind noise and whistling?

The Side Window Deflectors may help reduce wind buffeting when the windows are opened, but does not entirely prevent it from occurring.

Why are the rear Side Window Deflectors coming loose, even with rear clips installed?

If the rear Side Window Deflector is loose, the clip is most likely not properly installed. More than likely, the clip is in the wrong position which is causing the deflector to become loose.

Are side window deflectors available in a dark tint?

Most Side Window Deflectors are offered in a dark tint and light tint option – clear deflectors are also available for select models. Older models are only offered in the light tint.

What holds the Side Window Deflectors in?

Our Side Window Deflectors install directly inside the window channel and are held in place by tension (without the need for any exterior tape). Instructions do vary by model, and we recommend that the customers follow the exact instructions included in the packaging (as some clips are used for select applications).

Is this product Car Wash safe?

Yes. When properly installed, you can safely enter a car wash.

Can TechLiner be used with a spray in bed liner?

No. The TechLiner is secured to the truck bed with the use of hook and loop fasteners that require a clean, painted surface.

Can I install the TechLiner in winter?

Installation is recommended in temperatures 50 degrees or above, or inside a heated garage.

The WeatherTech logo gel label detached from my product. Can I get replacements?

 Yes! If for some reason the gel label(s) become detached, please notify our customer service team and we will ship out replacement labels at no charge to you.

Can I use the UnderLiner instead of the TechLiner?

No. This product can only be used with a rigid drop-in bed liner.

Do you offer MudFlaps for regular cars?

Not at at this time. However, our application list is expanding rapidly. We recommend filling out our New Product Update Form: so you will be notified when new products are available for your vehicle.

Why don’t my MudFlaps have the QuickTurn fasteners?

If the MudFlaps can mount to the existing vehicle mounting locations (these locations do not require drilling), the QuickTurn fasteners are not required for installation.

I installed my Stone & Bug Deflectors and the hood will not close. Am I doing something wrong?

Some vehicles are manufactured with a “bumper stop” or “hood bumper”. These features often need to be adjusted in order for the hood to close properly. In some cases, the hood might just need to be pushed down to latch properly. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully as completing the steps out of order can lead to similar issues.

Will the tape damage my paint if I wish to remove the Stone & Bug Deflector?

No. The Stone and Bug Deflector uses a special automotive adhesive that does not remove, scratch, or fade paint.

What are the differences between the Hood Protector and the Stone & Bug Deflector?

The Hood Protector is a “surface-mount” deflector that is a more contemporary style.

What if I choose to remove the Hood Protector?

We recommend that you seek professional assistance.

Will this cover up my back-up camera?

We test fit our license plate frames to a wide variety of vehicles in order to prevent interference with rear view cameras; however, it is not possible to fit every configuration. We recommend locating your back-up camera lens and determining if the license plate frame would cause interference when installed on your vehicle.

If my license plate only screws in on the top, will it stay on?

Yes. When installed properly, the two top screws will keep the license plate/frame secured to the vehicle.

Is the ClearCover legal in my state?

Clear covers may not be legal in all states. We recommend reviewing state and local laws prior to purchasing a WeatherTech ClearCover. You can view information regarding state and local laws by visiting the website of your local department of motor vehicles.

How can the Click and Stay caps be removed without breaking them?

The Click-and-Stay caps can be removed by inserting a small tool into the holes found at the base of the cap and using leverage to pry the cap into a released position.

Can I lock the cover to my vehicle?

Yes. Heavy duty grommet holes fastened along the edges of the cover allow for it to be locked in place. For an additional charge, we offer an 8' vinyl-coated steel cable with a brass padlock.

How long does it take to get my car cover?

WeatherTech car covers are custom built to fit your vehicle so please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

What’s the difference between the indoor vs outdoor fabric?

The Indoor cover (Form-Fit) is a Polyester knit, Spandex® constructed fabric with a soft sheared cotton fleece interior that protects the vehicle’s paint and finish. The outdoor cover (Sunbrella) is woven with high performance, long lasting, water and UV ray resistant acrylic fibers, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Are car covers custom made or universal?

They are custom made and built to order.

Do you make a BumpStep for a 1-1/4” receiver?

No. At this time, we only offer the BumpStep for a 2” receiver. We do not recommend using a BumpStep with a 1-1/4” receiver and adaptor.

What is the spacing between the mounting holes?


The screws seem too short?

The Sunroof Deflector has a unique gasket with an air-channel that is compressed for a snug fit. The instructions provided with the Sunroof Deflector outline the proper installation procedure.

Will there be any wind noise or whistling from the Sunroof Deflector?

Our Sunroof Wind Deflector is designed to help reduce in-cabin wind noise and turbulence in most applications.

Will water collect under the Sunroof Wind Deflector?

Depending on where you park your vehicle, there is a chance water could collect under the sunroof wind deflector. We recommend driving your vehicle for a short while prior to opening your sunroof, allowing for any water to roll off and/or dry.

Will the Sunroof Deflector clips interfere with the opening and closing of my sunroof?

No. If installed correctly using the supplied instructions, the Sunroof deflector clips will not interfere with the functionality of the sunroof.

Does the LampGard kit include the Fog Lamps?

Depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, some kits may include the Fog Lamps. A fit note will be listed on our website if the model does not include the Fog Lamps.

How does LampGard curve over the headlamp? Mine won’t stretch all the way.

It may seem as though there is excess material around the edges. This is completely normal and is no cause for concern. Keep the material warm and continue making short squeegee strokes from the center outward, gradually working toward the edge of the lens. When working toward the edge, spread the excess material out rather than working it all into one spot. Once the excess is properly spread about the perimeter of the LampGard, the material will easily lay flat on the lens. We recommend that you seek professional assistance if you are continuing to have installation issues.

Will the bubbles go away?

Use the supplied squeegee to force the excess alcohol solution and air bubbles out to the edges of the LampGard. Over time, remaining air bubbles will disappear.

I have installed the LampGard kit on my headlights and they looked fine, but now they look foggy. Did I do something wrong?

When using the wet application technique, this is normal. The fog is the result of the alcohol/water solution evaporating from beneath the plastic. The water vapor that is produced results in a hazy appearance for several days. The haze will clear as the vapor dissipates.

Is it best to apply the LampGard kit to the lenses wet or dry?

In most cases, we have found that the wet installation yields the best-looking installation. On larger headlamp pieces, the wet installation method is recommended as bubbles and improper alignment of the material are far less likely. On smaller pieces, such as fog lamps, the dry installation method is sometimes easier. This is especially the case if the lamp is spherical in shape.

The lights on my car are heavily contoured. Is your kit hard to install on this type of light or should I have them professionally installed?

Our LampGard material is extremely pliable and can easily be contoured over dome shaped surfaces. Professional installation should not be necessary provided that you follow the instructions closely.

I have the LampGard kit almost completely applied using the wet application method, but I can't seem to get the edges to completely stick down. What am I doing wrong?

It is absolutely imperative that a hair dryer or heat gun is used in this area to seal the edges. The heat serves two purposes. First, applying heat helps evaporate the remaining alcohol/water solution from under the edges. Second, applying heat makes the plastic more pliable so that it can contour to the edge of the light. It is important to use caution when using a heat gun to warm the plastic. Only a small amount of heat is required. If you apply too much heat, you can damage the surface of the plastic.

What if I want to remove the LampGard kit at a later date?

The removal process is simply a matter of warming the plastic, and peeling the LampGard away from the surface of the headlamp. It may require significant pressure to pull the plastic away from the headlamp, but they normally the LampGards peel off without any residue left on the lens. If any adhesive remains on the surface of the headlamp, it can be removed by rubbing the excess adhesive with your thumb.

Is the Roll Up Truck Bed Cover theft-deterrent?

The cover features AutoLatch II automatic dual-locking system that provides excellent security when paired with a locked tailgate.

Is any drilling required?

No. The cover uses a Tight-Bite clamp system that securely fastens to your truck bed, therefore eliminating the need to drill into your truck bed.

Will the RackSack scratch the top of my vehicle?

No. The RackSack’s underside is constructed with a soft felt bottom to help protect your vehicle’s finish from any potential scratching.

Is the RackSack waterproof?

While the RackSack is not waterproof, it is water-resistant. The RackSack was designed to be the most water resistant soft top carrier on the market. The RackSack’s double stitched heat sealed seams help to keep your cargo dry and secure. Because the RackSack is not completely waterproof, we recommend placing valuables in sealed Ziploc bags for added assurance.

What material is the RackSack made of?

It is made from an 1800 Denier Oxford weave fabric

How many pairs of shoes can the BootTray fit?

The BootTray can easily hold four large pairs of boots/shoes.

What kind of material is the BootTray made of?

The BootTray is made from a strong, yet extremely flexible Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Will salt from my shoes damage the BootTray?

No. Just make sure you perform occasional maintenance/cleaning of your BootTray to ensure the product works effectively. For cleaning, we recommend mild detergent soap and water, or our FloorLiner and Floor Mat Cleaner.

How do I clean my Soaker?

The soaker is best rinsed in warm water or in a washing machine using a mild liquid detergent.

How should I store The Soaker?

When you are finished using the Soaker, rinse well with warm water and wring out. Then store the damp Soaker in the supplied container.

What is the height of the OutdoorMat? Will it interfere with the opening/closing of doors?

The height of the OutdoorMat is 0.42 inches and is designed to accommodate most doorway entries.

What is the height of the IndoorMat? Will it interfere with the opening/closing of doors?

The height of the IndoorMat is 0.38 inches and is designed to accommodate most doorway entries.

How much water can the Christmas Tree Mat hold?

The Christmas Tree Mat can hold up to one gallon of water.

Why are the straps loose or so long?

If the straps are loose and/or long you will want to utilize the adjustable straps to tighten the fit.

How do I clean the Seat Back Protector?

The Seat Back Protector can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.

Can the Seat Back Protector go in the dryer?

No, the material and the weighted plates are not suitable for the dryer. Air dry is recommended.

Will the Seat Back Protector cover my headrests?

No, only an elastic strap will encircle the base of the headrest. Virtually no part will be covered.

Are there straps to secure the Seat Back Protector at the bottom?

Yes, the Seat Back Protector secures using easy-to-use adjustable straps and quick release clips.

Do the Seat Back Protectors come in pairs?

The Seat Back Protectors are sold individually.

Is the AlloyCover waterproof? Will snow seep through if accumulated?

No aftermarket accessory can be guaranteed to be water proof, but it will be very difficult for water or snow to get in when the cover is correctly installed and closed.

Will this product fit with a tool box in the back?

Only if the tool box is below the rails and not installed to the height of the rails.

Are there places near my area that will install the AlloyCover?

Most installation shops could install the product, but they will most likely charge for it.

Can it be removed easily?

Yes, both installation and removal can be accomplished in minutes.

What keeps the AlloyCover from unfolding when it’s folded up and the vehicle is moving?

The AlloyCover will lock into place with the integrated storage clips.

What is the weight and can I lift this by myself?

While this product offers a simple one person installation and removal, the shipped product ranges from 55-76 lbs. We suggest a two person installation for greater ease and accuracy.

Will the finish fade in extreme temperatures?

The product should not fade in the temperatures we see throughout the United States.

What can I use to clean it?

You can use any product that you would normally use to clean your truck, or we recommend our specially formulated TechCare® Gentle Car Shampoo.

Will it rust?

Aluminum Alloy will not rust.

Will it fit with a spray-in liner?

Provided that the spray-in liner does not go up over the sides and is professionally installed, the AlloyCover should fit.

Why is shipping so expensive? What is the delivery timeframe?

The box is considered oversized, and shipping is charged by dimensional weight. The delivery timeframe is a minimal 5-7 business days.

Other bed covers offer a stand-up-to-drive option, will yours offer this feature as well?

Our goal is to not block your total rear view. That is why we designed ours to come off the truck very easily – no tools, just a pull of the 2nd dual latch located under the last panel.

There are no drain tubes illustrated in the photos. Does this indicate the AlloyCover has a design that does not allow water to get down into the frame channel?

Correct, no drain tubes are required because our cover seals at the bed caps. The rails are designed to shed water as well, while the hinges themselves are indeed waterproof.

Are the panels replaceable if damaged?

If damaged, the panel assembly would have to be replaced.

Is it theft-deterrent?

With a locking tailgate, as most are today, it is a secure system meaning you have to open the tailgate first in order to gain access. Keep in mind though that using a tool like a crowbar can most likely pry into the cover and allow entry.

Will it rattle while the vehicle is in motion?

If the AlloyCover is properly installed, you shouldn’t hear rattling or exterior noise.

Can hail damage the AlloyCover?

The AlloyCover is made from aluminum that is 22% stronger than Ford OE aluminum bodies. Nevertheless, it would depend on the size and speed of hail and we cannot guarantee that the part would not be damaged in an extreme storm.

Which TechCare product can be used to clean the AlloyCover?

The TechCare Gentle Car Shampoo would work well to lift dirt and road grime, and the QuickTech Detailer with Carnauba Wax details the surface and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

On average, how much time is needed to install the AlloyCover?

This really is dependent on the installer’s familiarity with the vehicle and comfortability with installation. Nevertheless, even with limited knowledge, it ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How much weight can the AlloyCover hold when closed?

The AlloyCover can hold 400 lbs. evenly distributed.

Will the AlloyCover work with the built-in tailgate step?

Yes, as long as it is an OE version.

Is the AlloyCover stable for 50+ mph winds?

If properly installed, the AlloyCover should be able to withstand 50+ mph winds. Nevertheless, it would depend on the gusts and we cannot guarantee that extreme weather conditions would not damage the part.

Where does the water go after pooling on top?

The water shedding design of the AlloyCover should eliminate pooling. Regardless, the hinges are waterproof and water typically sheds to the outside of the bed.

Is the AlloyCover more low profile than the Roll-Up Cover?

The AlloyCover has more than a ½ inch lower profile and this contributes to the part’s appealing and seamless look.

Can the WaterBlade be used on any surface other than a car body or windows?

Yes, the WaterBlade is also great for windows, counter tops, showers, shop surfaces, solar panels and a variety of other household uses.

Can the blade on the WaterBlade be replaced?

The 12” silicone blade is not sold separately.

How easy to use is the WaterBlade?

When using the WaterBlade, only moderate pressure is required to remove the water. The soft, silicone blade will mold to the shape of the car. A small amount of additional pressure may be required for ridges, peaks or extreme contours.

How is the WaterBlade better than a standard squeegee?

It dries a surface area in one-third of the time and causes fifteen times less friction. Medical grade silicone and patented T-bar edge conforms to every contour of the surface area to remove over 90% of the rinse water safely and effectively.

Will the WaterBlade have a negative impact on my freshly waxed vehicle?

No, the WaterBlade can also be used with wet wax. The T-bar edge smooths the wet wax into the micro-pores of the paint for a perfect finish in no time. Use your microfiber towel if needed to polish to a high luster.

Can the Soaker be used on glass or mirrors to clean them?

The Soaker can be used to dry windows and is chemical resistant, however we recommend using our Super White Microfiber cleaning cloth product for cleaning windows.

How do I store it?

The Soaker should be stored damp in the hinged storage box that we provide (made in the USA). When stored properly, the Soaker is reusable time and time again.

What should I do to maintain the lifetime of the Soaker?

The Soaker should be rinsed with warm water and then wrung out before storing it in the hinged storage box in a damp state. Make sure to rehydrate the Soaker before use. Tip: Routinely washing the Soaker in the washing machine with liquid detergent will help maintain the condition and help prevent odors.

Will it grow mold or mildew if left wet in the container?

The hinged storage box provides an air tight seal so that no mold or mildew can form on the Soaker.

If the outer layer peels, is that covered under warranty?

Unless the product was exposed to bleach, fabric softener, placed in the dryer, or misused in any way, defects in the material are covered under warranty.

Is the Soaker offered in other colors?

The Soaker is only offered in blue.

What are other uses for the Soaker?

The Soaker can be used to dry virtually all surface areas, including but not limited to pets.

Can I wash it?

The Soaker can be machine washed with a mild liquid detergent only. Do not place the Soaker in the dryer afterwards. Rinse with warm water, wring it out, then place in the storage box while still damp.

Can the Soaker be used to dry the FloorLiners or Floor Mats after cleaning them or if there is liquid build up on them?

The Soaker can be used in this situation. Please, remember to clean the soaker after use for spills involving any liquid other than water.

Approximately how much water can it hold?

The Soaker can hold up to 50% more than normal towels or chamois.

Is there anything on which I should not use the Soaker?

Do not use the Soaker on abrasive surfaces which could harm the material or put it in the dryer. Remember to not use the Soaker with harsh chemicals such as bleach, gasoline, or non-liquid detergent.

Do Gift Bags come in different sizes? What is the available size?

They come in one size, 37” tall x 28” wide, however the material provides significant stretching ability.

Are Gift Bags machine washable?

Yes, but we recommend using a cold setting so the bag will not shrink. Air dry recommended.

Will the FloorLiners or Floor Mats ship in the Gift Bag?

No, the Gift Bag will ship separately or placed inside FloorLiner and Floor Mat boxes if purchased at the same time.

What is in the Gift Bag?

There is no gift in the bag from the outset, but its design and purpose is to house nearly all shapes and sizes of our products. In most cases the All Weather Mats and AVM Mats will also fit into the bag, however our largest box will not. In that case, we recommend removing the FloorLiners from the box and placing them directly into the Gift Bag. The Gift Bag will also come with a 3”X 5” To/From Card.

Can the Gift Bag tear or rip and if so, can it be replaced under the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

The high quality of the material and craftsmanship make any tears or rips very unlikely, but should that unfortunate instance occur, we will replace the Gift Bag under warranty.

What material is the Gift Bag made of?

The material is a high quality American Soft Spandex Cotton Fabric.

I have a small dog, can I purchase extra sections?

Yes, an additional Fence Kit can be purchased separately.

Can individual components be replaced if needed?

Yes. Should you need any replacement parts, our customer service team will be happy to send you anything you may need.

How much does it weigh fully assembled?

Total Weight: 6.3 lbs.

Are tools required?

As is, the Pet Barrier installs easily without the need for tools or drilling. Please note, however, that a screwdriver and/or Hex key will be needed if a Fence Kit or Extension Kit is added.

Will this leave an indent in my headliner?

Rubber coated components (flex feet) protect your interior. We do recommend removing the Pet Barrier on occasion just to give your headliner a chance to breathe.

Can you use the Pet Barrier with a panoramic sunroof?

While the Pet Barrier will likely fit, we do not recommend using it with a panoramic sunroof. Stabilizing an item against a moving part is too much of a safety concern.

Can the Pet Barrier fit in the back seat/ behind the 1st row of pickup trucks?

As is, we do not recommend the Pet Barrier for behind the 1st row of seats, however with the Extension and/or Fence Kits, it will be usable in that location.

What is the spacing between the mounting holes?


What are the exact dimensions?

Front mats:
7/8"" thick
19"" wide by 27"" long
Can be trimmed to 16"" wide by 24"" long
2-Piece Rear mats:
7/8"" thick
18.5"" wide by 17"" long
Can be trimmed to 16.5"" wide by 15"" long

How thick is the SinkMat? How high is the raised edge?

The SinkMat is 1/8 of an inch thick and the raised edge is ½ an inch high.

How much does the SinkMat weigh?

 The SinkMat weighs 5.8 lbs.

Can the SinkMat be customized to a smaller measurement than 28” x 20 ¾”?

The SinkMat cannot be customized to a smaller measurement without losing the raised edges designed for containing spills.

Will the SinkMat be available in additional sizes?

There are no plans currently to offer the SinkMat in varying sizes, however, its inherent customizable nature makes it a product that affords different sizing options.

Can the SinkMat fit under a corner sink?

The SinkMat can be customized to use underneath a corner sink though it will not likely sit flush with the cabinet walls or the raised edges will be compromised.

Will the SinkMat fit under a bathroom sink as well?

Yes, the SinkMat is great for kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms.

Where should I trim my SinkMat - outside the lines, inside the lines, or at the highest point?

The SinkMat measures 34 1/4" wide by 22 1/2" deep, to fit a standard 36" wide cabinet.  It can be trimmed by using a sharp pair of household scissors or razor blade knife on the established trim lines:  width can be trimmed down to 30 ¾" or 28", depth can be trimmed down to 20 ¾", and it allows modifications for plumbing coming up through the bottom of the cabinet.

Was the SinkMat tested to endure harsher chemicals other than bleach, etc.? Is it covered under warranty?

Yes, the SinkMat will resist most household chemicals, however we recommend cleaning the SinkMat immediately after spills occur. Please keep in mind that certain chemicals can damage the SinkMat with prolonged exposure.  The SinkMat is backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Will household products cause the SinkMat to discolor over time?

The SinkMat protects the cabinet interiors from costly damage and the material is an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound that is very durable, virtually odorless, latex-free, and contains no harmful PVCs, cadmium, or lead.  It features a protective, non-stick finish to make cleanup quick and easy and will not discolor over time.

Is the SinkMat mold/ mildew resistant?

Leaky pipes and household chemical spills can cause mold, mildew and other damage to your under-sink storage area.  If properly cleaned, the SinkMat will deter mold and mildew from forming and obviously will protect the cabinet interior as well.

What is the best way to clean the SinkMat?

Since the SinkMat is made from the same material as our All Weather Mats, our Floor Mat Cleaner is ideal to remove scuffs, dirt, and stains from the mat.  A mild household detergent is also acceptable for cleaning.

Why are the SinkMats not rolled up for shipping?

While the SinkMat is flexible, we do not recommend having it in a rolled or bent position for long periods of time. This might prevent the SinkMat from lying flat and we would like to have the product ready for use straight from the package.

How much liquid does the Water Bottle Hold?

19 oz. of hot or cold liquid.

Is the Water Bottle BPA Free?

Yes, made from BPA and BPS-Free Tritan™ plastic.

Is the Water Bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes, preferably on the top rack.

Will the Water Bottle fit in my car cup holder?

Yes, the Water Bottle fits in standard vehicle cup holders, bike cages and gym bags.


What is your return policy?

Please call our Customer Service Department at (888) 905-6287 to obtain a return authorization number. Your return authorization number will be emailed to you and is valid for a period of 30 days from the date you received your order. Any returns without a valid return authorization number will be refused. Please write the authorization number below our return address on the outside of the box and enclose the RGA form in the box. Of course, all products must be returned in new, unused condition in their original box. Shipping must be prepaid on all returns. We do not accept C.O.D returns.

TechFloor Returns
Shipping must be prepaid by the customer on all returns. We do not accept C.O.D. returns. Refund will be given on merchandise returned, less shipping & restock fee. All returns are subject to a 15% restock fee. Single tile purchases are not returnable.

Freight is not refundable.

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