All-Weather Floor Mats - Flexible Floor Mats for your Vehicle Testimonials

Weathertech have Excellent Products!

Name: Wendy Mikulin
Vehicle: 2014 Ford Escape

The products are well worth it. I love my complete set of mats I have. They fit perfectly. Less clean up then your cleaning your vehicle. Will never buy mats from anywhere else. Always recommend to people.

BMW Approved

Name: Ryan Hetry
Vehicle: 2005 BMW 3-Series (E46)

I ordered a set of these floor mates, I didn’t want water and salt getting all over my carpet. I am very impressed with the look and fitment of these, they came with new locks to hold the floor mates in place. Everyone that gets into my car notices them right away and also agrees they are very nice. I just took my car for a wash the other day, pulled them both out and power washed them clean in seconds. They came right back to brand new. Now that I have these I won't be putting the factory floor mates back in. These are nice enough to leave in the car all year round.

Fits perfectly

Name: Rob Mackay
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Civic

Very pleased, this is a very well made product. Fits perfectly, delivery was ahead of scheduled date. No problems whatsoever. For a better fit, be sure to remove existing OEM carpet mats before fitting your WeatherTech mats.

Best mats ever!!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2012 Toyota 4Runner

I was told about these mats from a friend and thank god he did because these are the best thing Ive purchased for my truck since I bought it! What a product.... no matter what vehicle i buy Weather Tech has found another life long customer as I cant see myself using anything but these mats in anything I drive

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2006 Honda Ridgeline

WOW!! what Honda should have delivered! I was always disappointed in the Honda rubber floor mats. Not only were they too small, not covering under the gas and brake pedal, but the sides were too shallow, not containing the road salt and grime from winter driving. I kept checking out what the local automotive supplier had available, but they were all generic off the shelf, multi vehicle fit mats. None impressed me. I ended up joining a Honda forum and put forth the question as to what people were using for floor liners or mats. The majority directed me to Weather Tech, and not one had a bad thing to say about the company, product or delivery. I went to the Canadian website and placed my order on a Saturday night, by Tuesday the courier was at my door. I was trying to figure out what I ordered, because I wasn't expecting floor mats that fast. What a fit, a good comparison would be like calf skin leather gloves on a ladies hands, just a perfect fit. Excellent grip to the carpet, no movement, and when your boots are on the liners, they don't slide around. You can actually feel the quality right through your boots. A friend just purchased a new GM, I have already pointed out the short comings of his carpeted floor mats, and showed him my new Weather Tech liners. He was won over instantly and will be ordering a set for himself .